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Based on my human-centred approach and passion to enhance customer experiences I've received the following awards:

Excellence in Customer Centricity Global Award, SMART Technologies. December 2020.

I received this peer-nominated award among 600 employees with a monetary prize based on resolving a time-sensitive escalation. The key to resolving this case to customer satisfaction was to leverage multiple conversations between the development team and the customer to ensure we understood 100 % their pain points and we chose the correct plan for the right solution. I acted as the customer's biggest advocate and ensured any alternative or course of action always had the customer at the centre.

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Syngenta Global Award 2012 for Segment-based corn program for resellers

I  designed this new program in 2011 for corn resellers from Syngenta that won an award in 2012 based on saving costs and increasing sales by more than 10% YOY after the first year of implementation. I designed this program while I was part of the Syngenta Mexico team and my peers submitted the business case to this global competition against hundreds of submissions as I transitioned to the team at Syngenta Canada.  

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