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Volunteering is very important to me and I have supported different causes throughout the years, such as immigrants, women in need, education, and poverty alleviation; among others. Here are my most recent volunteering commitments:

yychacks 2024.png

2024 Innovation Mentor


Calgary's biggest Hackathon 

The goal of this hackathon was to promote software development as a tool to make Calgary more accessible to newcomers and visitors, by creating engaging and innovative approaches to both immigration and tourism. Participants of all coding abilities learned, networked, and were part of a community that could change how newcomers and visitors connect with our beautiful city.

In my role as an innovation advisor, I encouraged participants to focus on immigrants' challenges and their jobs to do to achieve their outcomes before thinking of solutions. 

sdn small.png

2023 Service Design Global Conference Ambassador

The theme of the 2023 Service Design Global Conference was Catalyst for Change. Our world is undergoing radical, disruptive changes at an accelerating speed. Innovation, digitalization, and technological and environmental shifts are changing the way we live and work, transforming the industry and reshaping consumer demands.

As an ambassador, I promoted the conference on social media through engaging posts, videos and events with the design community.

calgary ux.jpg

IXDA 2025 - CX, Service Design and Sustainability advisor

Part of the bid committee to host IXDA in Calgary in 2025.

This conference is a call to rethink decision-making processes that drive the design of technology. Interaction design, together with other fields, faces the role of technology in perpetuating social and environmental injustice.

IxDA is canceling Interaction 24, originally scheduled for 25 Feb - 1 Mar 2024 in Sydney, Australia. The IxDA Board hasn’t made a decision on future events yet.

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